Could your business survive a disaster?

What would happen if your business lost invoices, orders, contract information and personnel data?

Many businesses would not survive. It only takes one hard disk to fail.

There are two groups of people.

Those that have suffered a hard drive failure and those that will

What would happen if a hard disk failed in your server right now?

Who would you call? How would you recover your data? When will it be business as usual again?

If you had a fire would all your data go up in smoke?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Is it tested regularly?

Designed for small and medium businesses

Infinityscape understand small and medium businesses do not have expert technical support to setup an offsite backup and test it regularly. Our managed backup service takes care of everything for you. We install, configure and run your backup every night. You get an email every time telling you if it worked or not. If it doesn’t, you can relax knowing that we are already fixing the issue. We will also perform regular test restores to simulate a disaster.

If you do have a disaster, the moment you let us know, we will start to restore to a virtual server in the cloud so you can access your data from home or anywhere else.

Proactive Monitoring

Have experts monitor your backup logs and resolve any issues that arise.

Test Restores

Backup are useless if you can’t restore from them when needed.  We perform scheduled test restores so we can be confident in getting you up and running whatever happens.

Emergency Number

We provide a dedicated number that you can call anytime a disaster should occur.

We are there for you every step of the way

We will not only provide you the tools to ensure your business gets back up and running, but will manage the entire process from initial setup, to recovery. Our service is completely managed by qualified engineers. We will supply you with documentation of all data and systems being backed up.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup

Hybrid cloud backup (or Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud) combines your existing on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based storage, giving you a highly efficient, scalable and affordable data backup and recovery system. Hybrid cloud backup adoption is growing year-on-year; a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

When you need it

Backup your entire server, PC or laptop offsite to ensure you can always get your data back when you need it most.

Guaranteed Security

The London Equinix LD5 has the following certifications

SOC-1 Type II
ISO 27001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 50001

100% UK Data Centres

All backup services reside in UK data centres. It is important to know where your data is! All offsite data is stored in London Equinix LD5.

Protect your data no matter what the challenge

Ensuring business continuity requires you to have a fast and proven disaster recovery process in place. It is vital. Our solution offers you options: Bare Metal Recovery simplifies and reduces the recovery time for physical Windows® systems; and Virtual Disaster Recovery™ automates a full system restore to Hyper-V® or VMWare®.

Backups so fast, your servers can’t believe it

Backing up 9,000 files per second requires a unique technology, one that’s as fast as it is simple. That’s why we use True Delta Technologies. Here, we only back up changes made to the data – not the full volume. This form of deep deduplication ensures you only do one full backup. You then back up on average less than 0.5% of the total data set. We combine these changes in cabinets so your bandwidth and CPU usage remains low. And if you want to save something forever, we offer free archiving.

It’s all part of one powerful solution: Hybrid Cloud Backup.

Integration comes as standard

Server plug-ins come in many variations. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Windows, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL® and Oracle®. For backup of virtual machines, we support Hyper-V® and VMware®.  For recovery we also support Azure and Amazon cloud targets.


Privacy, Security and Compliancy

Backups and recovery are transmitted over a secure channel and encrypted with a private key encryption so only you can see your data

Local Support

We are based in Kent and only support businesses and individuals in Kent so we can be on hand should you need us to be.

No Capital Expense

Backup and recovery costs shift to a manageable on-going operating expense that only grows as your business does.
“I used to swap disks which was ok but you had to remember to change them and I kept forgetting so our backups were very hit and miss. Now I don’t have to worry about them as I now have someone who has taken all the hassle out of it as they do it for me. They have really helped and backup is one less thing for me to think about.”
Judith Amos

BS Russell Commercials Ltd